Sunday, 2 December 2012

A whole bunch of links. - Movember is Coming
Just to illustrate how long it's been since I last updated I wrote this thing way back at the end of September for In it, I talk about the long, storied history of Movember and why I won't be participating because I have the ability to grow facial hair of a 14 year old girl - The 5 Most Terrifying Rites of Passage from Around the World.
In my latest piece for myself and the equally embarrassingly-named Luv Sheath tell you about coming of age rituals that make your first hangover seem tame in comparison.

ManCaveDaily - Who Should Direct the Next Star Wars Film
When Disney bought the rights to Star Wars I leaped into action to engage in some wild, baseless speculation. Basically the conclusion I came to was that Joss Whedon needs to direct the next instalment in the series or else I'll cry.

ManCaveDaily - R.I.P John Constantine
DC's most bad-ass character had his series cancelled. This is my tribute to the mad, wonderful bastard.

Zug.Com - Supernatural Studies: The Psychic Qualifications Investigation.
I am now a fully qualified wizard, psychic, dolphin healer and exorcist. Read about my exciting time at the closest thing the real world has to Hogwarts. - The Most Embarrassingly One-Sided Celebrity Feud in History
Last week I documented Courtney Love's long and hilarious series of failed attempts to make the world hate Dave Grohl.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Gravity is my Bitch!": The Felix Baumgartner story

You've undoubtedly heard by now that Felix Baumgartner, a certifiably insane Austrian BASE jumper, has teamed up with Red Bull to execute the world's highest skydive at 120,000 feet.

If you haven't heard of him then allow me to enlighten you in my latest piece for ManCaveDaily:
Felix Baumgartner: The Supersonic Man
Wherein I outline this real life superhero's origin story.

Friday, 5 October 2012

ManCaveDaily: Arthur's day: The World's Best Corporate Holiday.

I know I seem to be writing a lot about drinking lately but I truly believe you should write what you know. Plus I like to provide my family and friends easy access to incriminating materials for my future-intervention.
This post covers the great Irish holiday of Arthur's day.
Arthur's day: The World's Best Corporate Holiday.
Warning: Contains pictures of me!

ManCaveDaily: The 4 Horsemen of a Crappy Night Out

In my status as ManCaveDaily's resident drunken degenerate I've written this piece on the 4 types of people that will ruin any good night out.
The Four Horsemen of a Crappy Night Out. How to Shave Like a Complete Idiot

I've had literally one person ask me how they can get the "Richy Craven look". Now obviously my look is more of a lifestyle choice than a fashion statement but if you're really interested then start here:
How to Shave Like A Complete Idiot.

Friday, 21 September 2012 Lightning Strike Comics

I don't often get to go do actual reporting in the field because I'm a ridiculous man-child and most editors know better than to let me talk to actual people in real life. Luckily, didn't realise this and sent me to cover the launch of the Irish comic anthology Lightning Strike Presents.
Here's how it went. 
Warning: Contains rampant fan-boyism!

Sunday, 16 September 2012 The 5 Worst Types of Hangover.

So I graduated from colllege last week and, coincidentally, the day after I was inspired to write a piece on the different types of hangover. Go Figure.